Executive Committee 2019-2020:
Rev. Fr. Pedro Gama

Dr. Elvis Gonsalves

Ms. Magret Dias
Vice-Principal (General)

Mr. Brian Duarte
Vice-Principal (Vocational)

Mr. Anthony F. D’Souza

Mr. Illya Rajabali

Ms. Rita D’Silva

Dr. Alvita D’Souza
Jt. Secretary

Ms. Juliana D’Souza

Mr. Felix D’Souza
Mr. Vinay Dhuri
Ms. Maria D’Souza
Mr. John Menezes
Mr. Wilbur Ticlo
Mrs. Felcy Zuzarte
Mr. Lazaro Britto
Mrs. Dorothy Rodrigues
Mr. Bhanu Naik
Mr. Gurunath Shirodkar

Mrs. Alzira Fernandes
Mr. Tony Fernandes

Ms. Manisha Lobo
Ms. Supriya Tar
Mr. John Menezes
Mr. Salim Isani
Mr. Illyas Rajabali

Dr. Jaime Rangel
Mr. Sandip Valawalkar

Ms. Aparna Sapra

Ms. Candida Pinho
Ms. Christalina J. Braganza
Ms. Vishakha Veluskar
Ms. Helosia Alphonso


Let the potential artist in our children come to life that they may surmount industrial monotonies and pressures.

— Barbara Morgan
The Parent Teacher Association (P.T.ASt. Xaviers is an active body which plays an extremely crucial and considerable role in the dynamics of school life. It contributes to the construction of a warm and cohesive group within the school community. The P.T.A comprises of parent representatives apart from the management and teachers who strive together towards the primary goal i.e. help our school create and nurture the rich learning environment in which our children grow.
We encourage parental support and participation to enrich the educational experiences of our children. We also welcome new families every year and promote a spirit of community by offering assistance and information from time to time.
The overall focus of the P.T.A our institution is to make every childs potential a reality by engaging them into activities and focus on their on their all round development thereby empowering them to confront challenges that lie ahead of them besides making them bold and confidant individuals.
The members of the P.T.A at the grass root level are the heartbeat of this association where the true impact of work is done.
As a Literary Exercise, the Institute in collaboration with the P.T.A comes out with the School Magazine to unveil the literary talent of our students and staff. The P.T.A also conducts courses such as Self-Defence , Arts and Crafts, Vegetable and Ice-Carving and preparation of Cool Refreshers.
The P.T.A is actively involved in organizing events which showcase the talents of our students and also help to raise funds for the infrastructural development of the school. “Dream for the Sky, Soar high”, was one such event staged at St. Xavier’s and was witnessed by 9000 people which included parents, guardians, educational heads, other dignitaries, friends, well-wishers, ex-students and many more. It was the first time in the history of St. Xavier’s that all its 1500 students got an opportunity on stage to show their talents in dancing, acting, singing, mime and preparation of props.
The P.T.A also organized the 3rd rendition of Talent Show titled ‘Sunset Symphony’ at Emerald Lawns, Parra. The event was well attended and showcased vocal performances, both solo and group, original compositions and creative performances like playing musical instruments, acrobats, ballroom, classical, semi-classical dancing, magic show and a Fashion show .
To be on par with upcoming technology and to make learning an effective process the P.T.A has set up e-classrooms with LCD projectors in all classrooms. It has also been instrumental in installing the CCTV Surveillance system in both the buildings covering each and every classroom and surrounding areas of the school, for student safety.