Sunset Symphony

The day dawned on the 9th of December 2015, everyone burning with joy and excitement. The show kick started at 4.00 p.m. The cheerful compères welcomed the audience for Sunset Symphony 3 – an endeavor of the P.T.A assuring them of a pleasant evening showcasing the multifarious talents of the students. The stage was set for over 500 students to unravel their talents. An array of acts, songs, skills, dances etc. Each one as beautiful as the next, kept the spirits of the audience soaring.

The opening act comprising of the Poder, Nustekar, Shetkari, Kunbi, Kumbar, Mando, Sanjoao, Dekni, and Curidinho was simply eye catching, unfolding into an extravagant evening with music followed by a colourful display of the different variants of our Goan heritage in the form of dance. The poem composed and recited appealed to the emotions of the people. The day’s event featured various forms of entertainment ranging from soulful voices to basically everything. The humorous street play and the monologue, both driven by their objective of delivering a message to the audience. The choral piece, a musical ensemble was most befitting to add to the colourful and vibrant display of talent. The solo songs stole the hearts of the audience and kept them spellbound.

Pulling away from the Dramatic Acts and cutting to something everyone loves watching were the group dances. Every dance was perfected in a league of its own, especially the ballroom dance performed with such simplicity and gaiety. The other dances like Classical, Jazz, Semi-Classical, Hiphop etc were simply breathtaking. It was a sheer delight to watch students execute them gracefully. The vibrant display of creativity through acrobatic skills and the magic show kept the audience enthralled. The band ”Cascades” mesmerized the audience. The best fashion runway wasn’t in Paris or London or any other place but it was here at Sunset Symphony 3. The trendy wear was simply amazing as the students displayed their signature designs walking the runway to the beat of the music.

The crowning of Mr. and Ms. Sunset Symphony added to the glory of the spectacular event. The event ended with the crowd grooving to the techno beat of DJ. Ajit Pai and a proud dinner for all.